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U.S. Rare Coin Market Roared in 2013, Reports Professional Numismatists Guild

December 31, 2013 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Clubs and Associations, Coins, Collecting, Gold Coins, Market Report, News, Numismatic Societies and Clubs, Numismatica, Numismatics, Press Releases, Rare Coins, Silver Coins, World Coins

December 30, 2013 (

TEMECULA, Calif.–()–From a multi-million dollar nickel to a $10 million silver dollar, the market for high-quality, historic United States rare coins established unprecedented records in 2013 for the number of coins that sold for $1 million or more and the highest price paid for any rare coin, according to a year-end tabulation by the Professional Numismatists Guild ( The PNG is a nonprofit organization composed of many of the country’s top rare coin and paper money dealers.

“We estimate the overall coin market in the U.S. at about $5 billion in 2013. That includes auctions and private transactions made at coin shows, by mail order, online and at coin stores, but does not include numismatic bullion items or the modern coins sold directly by the United States Mint,” said Terry Hanlon, PNG President.

Why did the market for high-quality, historic rare U.S. coins do so well in 2013?

“Over the course of this year we continued to see the precious metals market decline and the stock market rise. The U.S. and other world economies, specifically the Eurozone, are seeing an economic recovery, however temporary it may be. A growing interest in rare coins is typical in this type of environment. The same for fine art which is booming right now. Rare coins and fine art seem to coincide with one another in this economic environment,” said Hanlon.

“The prices realized for U.S. coins at public auctions this past year totaled nearly $393 million, the highest aggregate total anyone can recall”

“Smart investors and collectors see a good buying opportunity with some of their profits taken from the increase in stocks being reinvested in rare coins. There’s also the continuing interest in hard assets with the confidence that rare coin values will grow with the success of the economic conditions, even as the precious metals themselves may be declining,” he explained.

“There was incredible competition for so-called ‘trophy coins’ with 11 U.S. coins selling at auctions for more than $1 million each in 2013. One historically significant coin, believed by many to be the first silver dollar struck by the United States Mint in 1794, sold for $10 million. That’s the highest confirmed price ever paid for any rare coin,” stated Hanlon.

A 12th U.S. coin also crossed the seven-figure mark in a private transaction conducted by a PNG member-dealer.

The most valuable U.S. coins purchased by winning bidders at auctions in 2013 were:

1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar, $10,016,875 (Stack’s Bowers Galleries)

1804 Type I silver dollar, $3,877,500 (Heritage Auctions)

1913 Liberty Head nickel, $3,172,500 ((Heritage Auctions)

1880 Coiled Hair gold $4 denomination Stella, $2,574,000 (Bonhams)

1796 silver quarter-dollar, $1,527,500 ((Heritage Auctions)

1792 silver half disme (early spelling of dime) $1,410,000 ((Heritage Auctions)

1796 silver dollar, $1,175,000 ((Heritage Auctions)

1783 Nova Constellatio Quint Type II, $1,175,000 ((Heritage Auctions)

1852 Augustus Humbert $10 gold coin, $1,057,500 ((Heritage Auctions)

1792 half disme, $1,145,625 ((Stack’s Bowers Galleries)

1879 Coiled Hair gold $4 Stella, $1,041,300 (Bonhams)

The 12th U.S. rare coin that changed hands for more than a million dollars in 2013 was an 1894 San Francisco Mint dime that sold for over $2 million in a private sale conducted by David Lawrence Rare Coins.

Full press release at the source>

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York Civil War coins go under the hammer

December 31, 2013 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Coins, Coins for sale, Collecting, English Coins, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, World Coins

By Kate Liptrot, Dec 31st, 2013 (

A COLLECTION of silver coins struck in York during the English Civil War is expected to fetch more than £30,000 at auction.

A private Welsh collector is selling 37 rare coins issued in 1643 and 1644 featuring the word “Ebor” and a lion, both denoting York as the city of origin.

The York mint of Charles I was assembled as Royalist forces fought for control of the North in the mid-1640s.

York became a key city to the king after he was forced to leave London in 1642.

Auction manager James 
Sadler said: “The coins come from a private collection. “
There has already been great interest in them, both from Britain and abroad. Not surprisingly, we have had
 many calls from Yorkshire.”

Full article and pictures at the source>

To see the collection on line, visit

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The Gold and Silver Mine – How to store coins properly

December 28, 2013 in Coins, Collecting, Education, Gold, Greek Coins, Numismatica, Numismatics, Silver, Silver Coins

By: Douglas Keefe. December 27th, 2013 (

I’m often asked the best way to store coins. The answer is determined by the condition of the coins to be stored and the purpose of storage.

Storage is meant to protect a coin from damage or deterioration in condition and appearance. Coins thrown together in a container can have their metal react to other coins they come in contact with, or with the composition of the container itself. Also, any dampness in the air that comes in contact with the coin, or even the air itself, can cause oxidation of a coin’s surface, thereby affecting its appearance.

Full article at the source>

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US Mint Sales Report: More Sell Outs for 2013 Coins

December 27, 2013 in Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, Gold, Gold Buffalo, Gold Coins, Gold Eagles, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Proof Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, Silver Eagles, US Mint, USA Coins

December 26, 2013 By Michael Zielinski (

The recent parade of sell outs for the United States Mint’s 2013 products has continued. The latest weekly numismatic product sales report includes sales figures for the recently sold out 2013-W Uncirculated American Silver Eagle and the uncirculated 2013-P 5 Star Generals $5 Gold Commemorative Coin.

The individual option for the 2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle originally went on sale at the US Mint on May 28, 2013. This coin represents a collector version of the popular bullion coin struck on specially burnished blanks and carrying the “W” mint mark. This version typically sees lower sales than the more popular proof version, leading some to believe these “burnished” Silver Eagles have better secondary market prospects in the long run.

A sell out for the 2013-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle occurred late last week with sales indicated at 178,972. Although the individual option has sold out, the coin remains available as part of the 2013 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set, which experienced heavier sales in the wake of the sell out. The set has cumulative sales of 21,011 units.

Full article at the source>


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Holiday find identified as rare reckoning coin

December 26, 2013 in Ancient Coins, Antique Coins, Coins, History, Museums, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, Treasure, World Coins

Wednesday, December 25, 2013 By: Cornish Guardian (

A RARE Medieval coin – believed to be the first of its kind to be discovered in the South West – was uncovered when a car mechanic stumbled upon it while on holiday in North Cornwall.

But it wasn’t until Tony Hadland showed the item to one of his customers, who was an expert on Medieval coinage, back in Gloucestershire, that he realised the true value of his find.

The piedfort, a non-functional coin most likely used as a reckoning counter, is a striking example of a coin-type issued by King John II of France around 1360.

The coin, discovered by Mr Hadland while walking on National Trust land in Boscastle, was only about the eighth recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Full article and pictures at source>

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Hixenbaugh Ancient Art to Exhibit at 42nd Annual New York International Numismatic Convention

December 23, 2013 in Ancient Coins, Antique Coins, Clubs and Associations, Coin Shows, Coins, Coins for sale, Collecting, Conventions, News, Numismatic Societies and Clubs, Numismatica, Numismatics, Press Releases

Hixenbaugh Ancient Art is pleased to announce its participation in the 42nd annual New York International Numismatic Convention. The fair runs from January 9th through January 12th at New York’s Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

New York, NY ( December 23, 2013

Hixenbaugh Ancient Art is pleased to announce its participation in the 42nd annual New York International Numismatic Convention. From Thursday January 9th through Sunday January 12th, Hixenbaugh Ancient Art with exhibit its fine quality authentic antiquities and ancient coins on the 18th floor of New York’s historic Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

The New York International Numismatic Convention is the United States’ most prestigious numismatic events. With over 100 participants, the convention offers a wide variety of numismatics from modern coinage through antiquity. The event also includes a full range of educational programs, a special numismatic literature sale and multiple auctions conducted by many leading numismatic auction houses from around the world.

Hixenbaugh Ancient Art will be exhibiting its collection of ancient coins and a representative sample of its desirable ancient objects at this year’s convention. Ancient coins are highly collectible for their direct ties to the past as well as their artistic appeal. Ancient coins were not merely used to facilitate commerce but also to spread propaganda. Much thought was given to the meaning behind the imagery on ancient coinage. As such, the coins were very artfully designed. Much information about ancient cultures can be gleaned from reading and interpreting ancient coins. In addition to ancient coins, Hixenbaugh Ancient Art will display many other fine quality ancient objects.

Full press release at source>

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Trio Of Famous U.S. Numismatic Rarities Anchor Heritage Auctions’ FUN Offerings, January 8-12

December 21, 2013 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Clubs and Associations, Coin Shows, Coins, Coins for sale, Collecting, Commemorative, Gold, Gold Coins, News, Nickel Coins, Numismatic Societies and Clubs, Numismatica, Numismatics, Press Releases, Rare Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, USA Coins

Press Release – December 18, 2013 (Heritage Auctios

1787 Brasher doubloon, 1913 Liberty Nickel (Olsen specimen) and a 1927-D Double Eagle top the list of important offerings in Orlando, FL, Jan. 8-12, in the Official Auction of the Florida United Numismatists (FUN) Annual Convention

1787 DBLN Brasher Doubloon, EB on Wing, W-5840, MS63 NGC. CAC....

1787 DBLN Brasher Doubloon, EB on Wing, W-5840, MS63 NGC. CAC….

DALLAS — An astounding trinity of legendary American numismatic rarities — a 1787 Brasher doubloon with hallmark EB on the eagle’s wing, MS63 NGC, CAC, a 1913 Liberty nickel, PR64 NGC, CAC, the Olsen Specimen and a 1927-D double eagle, MS66 NGC — expected to bring millions of dollars when they cross the auction block as part of Heritage’s January 8-12 Florida United Numismatists (FUN) U.S. Coin Signature Auction Platinum Night offerings, have the world of high-end coin collecting abuzz.

“The sheer variety in this Platinum Night is amazing,” said Greg Rohan, President of Heritage. “The Brasher, the 1913 Liberty nickel and the 1927-D double eagle are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg here.”

The first to sell will be a 1787 Brasher doubloon with hallmark EB on the eagle’s wing, MS63 NGC, CAC. This Brasher doubloon was the first one known to numismatists and has been off the market since Walter Perschke purchased it in 1979.

“The Brasher doubloons, created by New York silversmith Ephraim Brasher, were the first truly American gold coins, struck by a resident of a former British colony for use within the United States,” said Rohan. “The most famous are those with Brasher’s original design, which adapts New York’s state coat of arms on one side and the Great Seal of the United States on the other.”

Soon after, a 1913 Liberty nickel, PR64 NGC, CAC, the Olsen Specimen, will cross the auction block. One of only five 1913 Liberty nickels known, two of which are held by museums, it also is called “The Hawaii Five-O Specimen” after an appearance on a 1973 episode of the television show. It is offered as part of The Greensboro Collection, Part V.

“Between the fame the 1913 Liberty nickel has among coin collectors and the Olsen Specimen’s TV appearance, it is one of the most famous single coins on Earth,” said Rohan. “It’s a numismatic star that will lend instant prestige to its new owner.”

1927-D double eagle, MS66 NGC, is the crown jewel of The Douglas Martin Collection, a virtually complete set of $20 gold pieces. After Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued an executive order that prohibited almost all ownership of gold coins, the Treasury Department stopped paying out gold and eventually destroyed the coins it had on hand, including almost all the 1927-D double eagles ever struck. Out of 13 examples traced, four are held by museums and unavailable to collectors. The Saint-Gaudens double eagles are among the most beautiful and popular U.S. coins, and owning a 1927-D is a mark of distinction.

Two important silver coins that would headline almost any other auction certainly deserve special mention: an 1870-S Seated dollar, XF40 PCGS, is one of only nine confirmed examples and is a centerpiece of The Usibelli Collection, themed around the year 1870, one of the most challenging in U.S. numismatics, while an 1884 Trade dollar, PR65 PCGS, CAC, is one of only 10 struck under mysterious circumstances. It comes from The Smoke Rise Collection.

Additional highlights include, but are not limited to:

1861 Confederate States of America cent, PR63 PCGS Secure: Made by a Philadelphia engraver, Robert Lovett, Jr., who soon had second thoughts about making coins for the Confederacy. From The Noble Family Collection.

1792 half disme, Judd-7 variety, MS65 PCGS: One of the best-preserved examples of the first federally issued silver coins, mentioned in a speech by President George Washington to Congress. From The Klamath Mountain Collection, Part II.

1879 Coiled Hair Stella in gold, Judd-1638 variety, PR66 Cameo PCGS Secure: With the unusual face value of four dollars and one of only 12 specimens definitively traced.

1826 half eagle, BD-2 variety, MS66 PCGS: One of only three examples known for the variety and easily the finest, a landmark offering for early gold coinage specialists. From The David & Sharron Akers Collection.

1827 half eagle, BD-1 variety, MS64 PCGS: A noted rarity struck from a single pair of dies, one of the better-preserved coins out of 17 confirmed examples. From the collection of Donald E. Bently, sold for the benefit of the Bently Foundation.

1838-O 50C PR64 NGC: The 1838-O Reeded Edge half dollar is one of the most mysterious and valuable coins in American numismatics. The 1838-O is believed to be the earliest branch mint proof coin of any denomination and no official record of its mintage exists. Researchers have traced only nine surviving examples in all grades, with one coin impounded in the National Numismatic Collection at the Smithsonian Institution, and two others in slightly impaired condition.

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Israel Museum Buys 1,500-Year-Old Persian Coin Collection

December 20, 2013 in Ancient Coins, Antique Coins, Archaeology, Coins, Collecting, Israel Coins, Museums, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Rare Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, Treasure, World Coins

By: Jewish Press News Briefs Published: December 19th, 2013 (

The Israel Museum has bought more than 1,200 silver coins that were used in Persia in the 4th and 5th centuries and which includes several rare coins. Referring to a rare silver artifact called the “first Jewish coin” because of the inscription of the word “Judea” in Aramaic, the museum’s chief curator of archaeology, Chaim Gitler, told the Times of Israel, “It’s the earliest coin from the province of Judea.”

Full article at the source>

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Brazil 2014 World Cup Collector Coin Series To Be Issued

December 20, 2013 in Brazil Coins, Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, Cupro-Nickel Coins, Gold, Gold Coins, Investing, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Proof Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, World Coins

Dec. 19, 2013 By Michael Alexander (

he Banco Central do Brazil have announced that a series of gold, silver and cupro-nickel coins will be issued ahead of the FIFA World Cup which the country will be hosting. A total of nine different coins will be issued from the 24th January – comprising of one gold, two silver, and six cupro-nickel coins. The tournament, which is staged every four years, is scheduled to commence on the 12th June and will see 32 national football, or Soccer, teams battle over the next month for the championship. The “Copa do Mundo da FIFA Brasil 2014” will be staged in twelve cities around the country, with the host country kicking off the competition – playing against the national team from Croatia at the venue in Sao Paolo.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the second time that Brazil has hosted this international tournament, the first being in 1950.

Full article and pictures of the coins at the source>

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The Definitive History of Bitcoin

December 19, 2013 in Bitcoin, Digital Currency, Education, History, Investing, Virtual currency

An infographic by Visual Capitalist Dec. 13th, 2013.

In 2008, the aftermath of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis created the perfect storm for the emergence of Bitcoin. Here is the definitive history of the famous crypto-currency. –

Full Infographic at the source>

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2013 Edith Wilson First Spouse Gold Coins Available

December 18, 2013 in Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, Gold, Gold Coins, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Proof Coins, US Mint, USA Coins

December 17, 2013 By Michael Zielinski  (

The final First Spouse Gold Coin of the year is now available to order from the United States Mint. The coin honors Edith Wilson, the second wife of President Woodrow Wilson.

The latest release closely follows the previous coin of the series issued to honor Woodrow Wilson’s first wife, Ellen Wilson. Two different coins are issued since Wilson served in office with both a first and second wife.

The obverse design of the coin features a portrait of Edith Wilson designed by David Westwood and engraved by Michael Gaudioso. The surrounding inscriptions include her name, the motto “In God We Trust”, “Liberty”, the order of the Presidency “28th”, and the dates “1915-1921”.

The reverse design of the coin features a depiction of President Wilson’s hand on a cane with Mrs. Wilson’s hand resting warmly on top. This image is representative of the First Lady’s support of her husband after he had suffered a massive stroke. Inscriptions appear within the outer circumference reading “United States of America”, “E Pluribus Unum”, “$10”, and “.9999 Fine Gold”.

Full article at the source>

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Museum of coins and notes opens in Abu Dhabi

December 18, 2013 in Bank Notes, Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, Museums, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Paper Money, World Coins

By Wam. Dec 17th, 2013 (

The Central Bank of the UAE on Tuesday inaugurated the Central Bank Museum of Coins and Notes at its head office in Abu Dhabi City.

Khalifa Mohamed Al Kindi, Chairman of the Central Bank Board of Directors, cut the ribbon in presence of members of the board, senior members of the senior management of the Central Bank in addition to chief executive officers of banks operating in UAE.

The museum was inaugurated to mark the occasion of the Central Banks’s 40th Anniversary to give researchers, visitors, school and university students and individuals interested in this field, the opportunity to  get to know the various stages of currency development in the region before the foundation of the United Arab Emirates, as well as to view the Central Bank’s issues of currency notes, coins and commemorative coins.

The museum includes a part of the Central Bank’s collections of currency notes, currency coins, commemorative coins, gifts and samples of issues of UAE currency notes and coins and currency of other countries, in addition to cash counting and sorting machines used by the Central Bank in the past.

Full article at the source>

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US Mint Sales Report: Helen Taft Gold Coins Debut, Gold Buffaloes Sell Out

December 13, 2013 in Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, Gold, Gold Buffalo, Gold Coins, Gold Eagles, Market Report, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Proof Coins, Quarters, Silver, Silver Coins, Silver Eagles, US Mint, USA Coins

December 10, 2013 By  (

The latest weekly United States Mint numismatic product sales report includes the opening figures for the 2013 Helen Taft First Spouse Gold Coin. Also, the spate of product sell outs continues with the 2013 Proof Gold Buffalo no longer available.

The Helen Taft Gold Coins went on sale at the US Mint on December 2, 2013, representing the third release of the series in less than three weeks. The proof version was priced at $815 per coin, while the uncirculated version was $795 per coin. This was one increment lower than the prior two releases. The maximum mintage was 10,000 pieces across both versions.

Through the reporting date of December 8, sales have reached 1,467 proofs and 982 uncirculated coins. This makes for a combined total of 2,449 pieces, accounting for 24.49% of the maximum mintage. This was a stronger start compared to the prior two releases, but this may have been due to a longer availability period before the first reported sales.

Full article at the source>

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Bankrupt gold dealer’s Tampa palace heads to foreclosure auction

December 13, 2013 in Auctions, Gold, Investing, News, Precious Metals

By: Drew Harwell, Times Staff Writer ( 12-09-13

TAMPA — An Avila mega mansion modeled after a 17th-century royal palace is now headed to the foreclosure auction block, the latest disgrace for bankrupt gold dealer Mark Yaffe and what was once Tampa Bay’s most expensive estate.

The 29,000-square-foot castle, which took seven years to build and went on the market in 2008 for $25 million, will become perhaps the biggest seizure from Yaffe, who bankruptcy trustees said used his National Gold Exchange, once one of the world’s largest precious coin wholesalers, as a personal piggy bank.

Completed in 2004, the Jacobean manor boasts 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a grand ballroom, a marble basketball court and 14 fireplaces. Bidding for the mansion at an online auction next week will start at $100.

Full article at the source>

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Monnaie de Paris and France Win 2014 Coin of the Year

December 12, 2013 in Coins, Commemorative, Design, France Coins, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Silver, Silver Coins, World Coins

December 11, 2013 By  (

France has won the Coin of the Year Award (COTY) for 2014. The award, sponsored by World Coin News – goes to the Monnaie de Paris’ Yves Klein 10-euro silver coin with a distinctive blue hand of the artist against a silver background. The coin triumphed as an international judging panel submitted their choices which were tabulated before the deadline of December 8th.

he Klein 10-euro coin had also been chosen as the Most Artistic Coin among ten category winnersthat were selected to compete for the Coin of the Year. France and the Monnaie de Paris had two category winners competing for the top award. Winner of the best Silver Coin category was a silver 10-euro coin, (KM-2079) that featured a French Ocean Liner design, “Le France.”

Full article at the source>

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Could Silver double in price because of… Apple?

December 12, 2013 in Investing, Precious Metals, Silver

By:   for The Apple Core |

Summary: Resource specialist and editor of Real Asset Returns thinks that Apple’s demand for industrial silver in China could push the price of silver to over $40 in 12 months.

Monday Morning’s Peter Krauth thinks that the price of silver could double over the next 12 months, in part, because of Apple. I took particular interest in Krauth’s article because its the intersection of two topics that I’ve been following for decades: Apple and precious metals.

In addition to my (possibly unhealthy) obsession with Apple, I’ve been a coin collector/Numismatist for even longer. I got my first set of proof coins at age seven and have loved coins ever since. In 1999 the U.S. 50 State Quarters Program in rekindled my love of the hobby and with it a fascination with precious metals, specifically gold and silver. I digress.

Full article at the source>


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Greenspan Says Bitcoin a Bubble Without Intrinsic Currency Value

December 10, 2013 in Bitcoin, Currency, Digital Currency, Investing, Money, US Federal Reserve, Virtual currency

By Jeff Kearns  Dec 4, 2013 ( (Saving and Investing)

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Bitcoin prices are unsustainably high after surging 89-fold in a year and that the virtual money isn’t currency.

“It’s a bubble,” Greenspan, 87, said today in a Bloomberg Television interview from Washington. “It has to have intrinsic value. You have to really stretch your imagination to infer what the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is. I haven’t been able to do it. Maybe somebody else can.”

Bitcoins, which exist as software and aren’t regulated by any country or banking authority, surged to a record $1,124.76 on Nov. 30. The currency has rallied on growing interest from investors, while merchants are starting to accept Bitcoins and U.S. officials have told lawmakers such payments could be a legitimate means of exchange.

Full article and video at source>

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Isle of Man “Cat” Crown Features Snowshoe Cat

December 9, 2013 in Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Silver, Silver Coins, World Coins

December 6, 2013 By Michael Alexander  (

The Treasury of the Isle of Man Government has issued their much loved and eagerly collected “Cat” crown which depicts a specific breed in the feline world. This year’s breed chosen to grace the reverse of the crown is the Snowshoe cat – accompanied by two of her kittens. The coin is struck by the Pobjoy Mint, UK and is distributed on behalf of the Treasury of the Isle of Man.

Originating from the United States of America in the 1960s, The Snowshoe – considered a rare breed of cat first appeared in Philadelphia when a Siamese breeder’s cat had kittens with white feet.  Despite having existed for 45 years, Snowshoes are rare due to the difficulty of reproducing the correct coat markings. The short-haired coat consists of solid and white patterns whilst the points (ears, tail, face mask) are solid black based colors. The Snowshoe is a medium large cat and is longer in length than many cats. They are generally affectionate, sweet-tempered and mellow. Those who own this particular of cat say they enjoy human company and are very social and docile. Snowshoes are also known to be very intelligent and can learn to open doors and can be taught tricks. Snowshoes also enjoy water and unlike many other cat breeds, have been known to swim on occasion.

Full article at the source>

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Coin auction sets Czech record

December 9, 2013 in Ancient Coins, Antique Coins, Auctions, Coins, Collecting, Gold, Gold Coins, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, World Coins

07 December 2013 Czech News Agency (

Saxon 20 ducat from 1610 sold for record price at Czech auction

Prague, Dec 7 (ČTK) — A Saxon 20-ducat coin of Prince-Elector Christian II from 1610, very rare and well preserved, was sold for 6.5 million Kč (without the surcharge) in Prague today, the record price of a coin auctioned in the Czech Republic, Roman Veselý, from the Aurea Numismatika auction hall, told ČTK.

Until now, the record was held by a Russian rouble of Empress Anna, from 1730, which was sold for 5.5 million Kč, including the auction surcharge, some time ago.

Today’s auction offered an exceptional collection of mainly Ducate coins.

“Above all, I must mention the two 10 Ducates of the [Czech early 17th-century] ‘Winter King’ Friedrich of Westphalia and of the Duke of Wallenstein, sold for 4.05 and 2.6 million Kč, respectively. The last coin that was sold for a million crowns today was the very rare Prague tolar of [Habsburg Emperor and King of Bohemia] Ferdinand II from 1630,” Vesely said.

Full article at the source>

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Rare Russian Coins to Be Auctioned in New York

December 4, 2013 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Coin Shows, Coins, Collecting, Gold, Gold Coins, History, News, Numismatic Societies and Clubs, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, Russian Coins, World Coins

WASHINGTON, December 2 (RIA Novosti ­– Deep-pocketed coin collectors will soon have a chance to own several valuable pieces of Russian financial history as ultra-rare coins from the tsarist period are scheduled to be auctioned in New York in January.

The most valuable coins come from the collection of the Swedish collector Ake Linden, who served for years as a senior executive at the precursor organization to the World Trade Organization, according to London-based coin dealer Baldwin’s, which is running the auction.

Linden’s ambition was to own an example of every coin struck in the world after 1850, and in the process of achieving that aim he acquired what is likely to be the most expensive item at the auction, a 25 ruble gold coin issued in 1876 to celebrate the birthday of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich.

Only 100 such coins were ever struck, and Linden’s is expected to sell for $200,000, Baldwin’s said Thursday.

Full article at source>

The auction will be held on January 9 in New York, as part of the 42nd Annual New York International Numismatic Convention.

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What are gold, silver and bitcoin doing to each other?

December 4, 2013 in Bitcoin, Digital Currency, Gold, Investing, News, Precious Metals, Silver, Virtual currency

Author: Jan Skoyles* 02, December, 2013 The Real Asset CO (

A momentous thing just happened. Bitcoin hit $1,000. (Note: By it is $ 1,200.00 as per the posting time 10:24 am EST)

Is it a bubble? Who knows, but one thing is for sure, you can buy a lot more gold and silver with one bitcoin than you could a year ago.

There are many parallels between bitcoin and gold, both are alternatives to fiat money, both are faceless currencies and both have limited supplies. However, in the last two years one has seen its price climb from $7 to $1000, the other has fallen from $1,900 to $1200.

Debating if bitcoin is the new gold.

We don’t see it like that. Instead, bitcoin is another alternative to fiat money. If it is a safe haven or a hedge against inflation, as gold and silver are so often seen to be, we won’t know for a long time.

However what we can see right now is that people are choosing to park their wealth in the virtual currency as they speculate on its continued rise. They can spend bitcoin and they can save in gold and silver. Both the precious metals and bitcoin seem to have one thing in common – they are viewed as sounder money.

So how much would it cost if you wanted to spend your bitcoin on the ultimate sound money?

Full article at source>

*Jan Skoyles is Head of Research at The Real Asset Company –

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The Father of Medicine Honored on Gold and Silver Coins

December 4, 2013 in Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, Euro Coins, Gold, Gold Coins, Greek Coins, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Proof Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, World Coins

December 3, 2013 By Michael Alexander (

The Bank of Greece has issued (2nd December) two new coins which honor the man who is universally acknowledged as the father of western medicine. Hippocrates of Cos (460-377 B.C.) is remembered as the physician who based the art of healing on rational principles and liberating it from divine intervention and/or superstition. He perceived the human being as a whole entity, and health as resulting from multiple factors, including environmental and dietary ones. The Hippocratic Corpus, a collection of works left by Hippocrates and his students, deals with practically all branches of medicine and systematically records clinical symptoms and treatments, always in line with the principle “to do good, or to do no harm“. The Hippocratic Oath remains – all over the world as the guide to medical ethics and practice to this day.

Full article and pictures at the source>

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