Ancient Currencies, Stamps Take Students into the Past

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By J Shanmugha Sundaram – VELLORE 15th February 2014 (

An array of rare coins, currencies and stamps displayed at the fifth annual exposition of the Vellore Numismatic and Philatelic Association (VNPA) held at the Town Hall here on Friday has drawn a large number of students from several institutions, and also members of the public. The three-day expo has laid a platform for curious visitors and students to have a glimpse of the coins minted centuries ago.

Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, coins, tokens, stamps and other related objects.

Nearly 10 numismatists exhibited their collection  among which were the punch-marked coins developed during the early Coinage of India dating back to 1,200 BC; and coins minted by the Madurai Nayakas, Tanjor Nayakas, Arcot Nawab, Gingee Nayakas, Tanjore Maratha, Tipu Sultan, Madras Presidency and Bombay Presidency.

“It was astonishing to take notice of the vast collection minted in ancient India, a period before our great grandparents were even born,” said a student from Voorhees School.

A group of students from the school shared the same view. They said that the show had kindled their interest in numismatics.

“I really got fascinated to lay hands on the world’s first silk stamp released by Thailand,” said another student.

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