Aruba Coins Celebrate Accession of King Willem-Alexander

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May 10, 2013 By Michael Alexander (

The Centrale Bank van Aruba have launched  two new coins which celebrate the accession of Crown Prince Willem-Alexander who assumed the title of King on the 30th April. The Prince of Orange became both the Dutch and Aruban head of state upon the official abdication of his mother Queen Beatrix on that day. Willem-Alexander became Aruba’s second head of state as an independent nation which was attained in 1986.

The two coins, one gold and one silver, are struck at the Royal Dutch Mint and have denominations of 10 and 5 Florin respectively. The two coins share the same design on obverse with the new King facing towards the right in contrast to the former Queen facing to the left as is Dutch tradition with the portraits on coinage.

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