Brazil Issues Numismatic Series for World Cup Soccer

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Brasilia, Jan 29 (Prensa Latina) The Brazilian Central Bank unveiled a series of commemorative coins today to mark the 2014 World Cup, scheduled from June 12 to July 13.

The limited numismatic series consists of a gold coin, two silver and six of copper and nickel, which can be acquired by fans at the headquarters of the issuing bank in Brazil.

A gold piece of 16 mm in diameter, with nominal value of 10 reais (about four dollars) appears as the most exclusive, with 5,000 units to be sold at a price of 1,180 reais (491 dollars).

On the face of it is the championship trophy and the inscription “World Cup FIFA Brazil-2014.”

The reverse shows a soccer ball touching the net and the four stars of the Southern Cross constellation, the country�s national symbol.

In silver, coins 40 mm in diameter were minted, with a nominal value of five reais (two dollars) and maximum runs of 20,000 units, priced at 190 reais (79 dollars) apiece.

There are two 5 reais coins. One of them has on one side the mascot of the World Cup, Fuleco, and the reverse shows the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, venue for the final game; while the another shows a player who kicks the ball, himself seemingly in mid-air, and on the reverse a map of Brazil with the name of the twelve sites with monuments, cultural elements, animals or trees characteristic of each.

The cheapest copper-nickel coin consists of six coins of two reais (0.8 dollars) that will be sold at 30 reais (12.5 dollars), which represent different plays such as goalkeeper save, chest control, header, passing, dribbling and goal definition.


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