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N.L. coin sells for more than $100,000

April 14, 2014 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Canadian Coins, Coins, Gold, Gold Coins, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, World Coins

By: Mark Rendell Special to The Telegram. April 14th, 2014. (

Rare gold piece sets record

Rummage through dad’s old coin collection. Check grandma’s trunk. If you have an old Newfoundland coin lying around, you may make a fair dollar.

On April 11, one of these coins sold for US$102,812.50 at a major auction in Chicago. The $2 gold coin is, according to Rod O’Driscoll, owner of East Coast Coins, the most expensive Newfoundland coin ever sold.

It was minted in 1865 to test a design for the Newfoundland $2 coin. The design wasn’t chosen, so the coin is one of a kind.

On its way to the auction block, said O’Driscoll, the coin passed through some interesting hands. In 1910 it appears to have shown up in the British Museum in London. A little later it found its way into the collection of King Farouk of Egypt.

In a 1969 article, coin specialist Fred Bowman listed it as one of Canada’s 10 rarest coins, and most recently it was sold in 1995 from the world famous Emory May Norweb collection for close to  $40,000.

Full article at the source>

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Government wants its rare penny back

April 9, 2014 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Coins, Collecting, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Pennies, Rare Coins, USA Coins

La Jolla men had hoped to sell unique aluminum coin for $250K

By Dana Littlefield .April 8, 2014 (

Randy Lawrence and Michael McConnell had a plan.

The two friends, brought together by serendipity and an extremely rare penny, were going to auction the coin later this month and donate part of the proceeds to charity. The one-of-a-kind 1974-D aluminum penny was expected to fetch $250,000 or more.

But now the U.S. government wants it back.

A lawyer for the United States Mint sent a letter to the men in February stating that because the aluminum penny was never issued as legal tender, the coin remains property of the federal government, regardless of how long it was in private hands.

Lawrence, a real estate agent, inherited the penny from his father in 1980. He recently sold it to McConnell, owner of the La Jolla Coin Shop, who later uncovered the penny’s history and notified Lawrence.

Now the men are taking the issue to federal court. They filed a lawsuit last month seeking a judgment from the court declaring that they, not the government, are the coin’s true owners.

Meanwhile, plans to auction the penny remain on hold.

Full article at the source>

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Coins! The Arielle Collection Part Two at Baldwin’s Auctions

March 28, 2014 in Antique Coins, Auctions, British Coins, Bronce Coins, Coins, Coins for sale, Collecting, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, World Coins

By: Yareah Magazine. March 27th, 2014 (
The first day of Baldwin’s three-day May auction calendar will contain the second part of one of the most impressive British colonial coin collections to have ever been offered for sale by public auction.  Part One of The Arielle Collection sold through Baldwin’s Coinex auctions in September 2013, where every one of the 818 lots sold for an exceptional sale total of £505,092.
Compiled by a collector who sought out only the finest specimens, the second and final part of the collection will comprise 980 lots. His impeccable collection includes many pattern and proof coins from British Guiana, British Honduras, British West Indies, Hong Kong, Straits Settlements, Ceylon, Cyprus, Fiji, the Ionian Island and New Zealand.
The catalogues for all three auctions will be available to view online at , and online biding with no additional premium is available through the services of
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Coin Collecting Is Hot: Why Investors Are Taking a Shine to Numismatics

March 26, 2014 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Coins, Collecting, Gold, Gold Coins, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, USA Coins, World Coins

By Ross Kenneth Urken ( March 25th, 2014.

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — Think twice before you cast aside loose change along with pocket lint: that seemingly insignificant legal tender could be worth a fortune.

But complete serendipity – as happened to a California couple earlier this year – is not a requirement for finding hidden treasure. Auction platforms — many of which, like Stack’s Bowers Galleries, are online — allow collectors to seek out their own pieces with ease.

And investors are doing so in droves.

The fervor in the rare coin and currency market is indeed highlighted by last year’s world-record-breaking sale of the highest value coin ever – a 1794 “Flowing Hair” silver dollar for a stratospheric $10 million.

That’s part of a more widely-observed phenomenon: the non-profit Professional Numismatists Guild recently reported that the roaring U.S. coin was worth $5 billion in 2013.

Amid drops in the precious metals market and a buoyant stock market, investorsare looking toward secure and appreciable collectibles, with a growing interest in coins coinciding with the all-time-high art auction sales of late, including the Francis Bacon triptych that fetched $142.4 million at Christie’s last year.

Full article at the source>

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Künker Spring Sale: A Week Full of Surprises

March 24, 2014 in Ancient Coins, Antique Coins, Auctions, China Coins, Coins, Collecting, Gold, Gold Coins, History, Medals, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins

March 24, 2014 By Ursula Kampmann (

140.000 euros for a Chinese dollar from 1896, 110.000 euros for a gold coin from Czechoslovakia from 1938 – the spring sale of Künker was full of surprises! Less surprising was: the pre-sale estimate of 5.7 million euros was easily surpassed by the hammer price amounting to 8.75 million euros.

The spring auction of Künker / Osnabrück took five days. The four weighty catalogs contained many interesting special collections. Hence, several hundreds of dealers and collectors came to the Hotel Steigenberger Remarque to witness the 6,129 lots on offer changing hands.

Auction sale 245 – Gold coins / German Empire coins since 1871 / Russian coins

The most remarkable result of day one was obtained by a 5 ducat piece from Czechoslovakia from 1938 of which just 56 specimens were produced. Its obverse shows the national coat of arms as well as a lime tree branch, on the reverse Saint Wenceslas with the lettering Hedej Zahynouti Nam i Budoucim (Do not let us or our descendants perish). Its pre-sale estimate had been 10,000 euros, and it can be found for 30,000 euros in the latest World Coin Catalog written by Schön. That the two prices are totally out of date is evidenced by the hammer price: 110,000 euros!

Full article at the source>

All results can be found on the website of Künker at

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Sheffield metal detection fan nets ‘find of a lifetime’

March 13, 2014 in Ancient Coins, Antique Coins, Auctions, British Coins, Coins, Collecting, English Coins, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Pennies, Rare Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, Treasure, Treasure Hunting, World Coins

March 12th, 2014 (

A unique penny dating from the reign of King Stephen over 850 years ago has been found by a Sheffield metal detecting enthusiast.

The silver penny – which is expected to fetch up to £10,000 at auction, and rewrite the history of early English coinage – was found in a field.

The coin, which dates from a chaotic period of civil war, will be sold at auction in London on April 2.

“This is an extraordinary discovery,” said Christopher Webb, head of the coins department at specialist auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb. “It is tremendously exciting.”

The man who found the coin – a joiner from Sheffield who wants to remain anonymous – was searching a field near Nottingham, with the farmer’s permission, last November.

He had already found a few low-value coins and buttons when his detector bleeped again.

“I dug it out and immediately I knew it wasn’t the run of the mill stuff I usually get,” he said.

“When I got it home I ran it under the tap. I didn’t dare do anything else with it.”

The man recorded his find with the authorities and got in touch with experts who revealed the coin was issued by Robert de Ferrers, second Earl of Derby, in the early 1140s.

Full article at the source>

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Künker Berlin Auction Marks Successful Start of the Numismatic Year

February 23, 2014 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Coins, Collecting, Gold, Gold Coins, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, World Coins

February 21, 2014 By Ursula Kampmann (

With 7.4 million euros turnover on a single auction day, seven lots achieving hammer prices in the six-figure range, hundreds of collectors and dealers from all over the world attending the auction in person: the Künker Berlin auction once again exceeded all expectations.

Those who visited the auction floor at Berlin Estrel Hotel on 6 February 2014 had to search for a seat that wasn’t already taken. After all, the high-quality range of offers presented by Künker in auction sale catalog 244 had attracted many interested potential buyers.

Full article at the source>

Künker’s website is at

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Legend-Morphy’s sixth Regency sale excites with over $2.5 million, brings big numbers on gold

February 21, 2014 in Auctions, Coins, Coins for sale, Collecting, Gold, Gold Coins, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Press Releases, Proof Coins, Rare Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, USA Coins

Fri, 2014-00-21 12:00 ET (

LAS VEGAS – Legend-Morphy Rare Coin Auctions started off 2014 strong, with their sixth Regency Sale wrapping up last Thursday night at the PCGS Members Only Show in Las Vegas. Online pre-bidding drove up prices, resulting in stellar numbers across the board. A packed house, frenzied phone bidding, and live online bidding made for an exciting 3+ hour sale. Auctioneer Ron Guth returned to the podium and did a dutiful job setting the pace.

Julie Abrams, president of Legend-Morphy, was thrilled with the sale. “We’re excited to have been able to start off the new year with such an impressive offering and outstanding results. We can only hope that the rest of 2014 brings as much success as The Regency Auction VI.”

Total prices realized were $2,546,571.63, with numerous stand outs:

  • Lot 1 – 1c 1793 Wreath Vine/Bars PCGS XF40 CAC, $22,325.00
  • Lot 66 – 10c 1880 PCGS PR67 Cameo CAC, $7,050.00
  • Lot 95 – 25c 1863 PCGS PR66+ CAC, $21,150.00
  • Lot 123 – 25c 1896 PCGS PR67 DCameo CAC, $9,987.50
  • Lot 174 – 50c 1938 PCGS PR67+ CAC, $4,406.25
  • Lot 201 – $1 1880-S PCGS MS66 CAC Ex Sonnier, $5,875.00
  • Lot 306 – 1c – $1 1860 Proof Set PCGS CAC, $61,687.50
  • Lot 315 – $2 1/2 1796 No Stars PCGS AU58, $182,125.00
  • Lot 330 – $5 1853-C PCGS MS64 CAC, $64,625.00
  • Lot 339 – $10 1900 PCGS MS65, $11,162.50
  • Lot 340 – $10 1904-O PCGS MS65 CAC, $28,200.00
  • Lot 381 – 50c 1879 J-1597 PCGS PR66 Cameo CAC, $30,550.00

Legend-Morphy partner Laura Sperber “would like to thank everyone who helped make The Regency Auction VI such a success. For a smaller, 381 lot sale, we had 119 successful winning bidders plus hundreds more watching live during the sale. Prices realized were not only impressive, but met or exceeded prices realized by similar coins at any major auction house!”

Sperber went on the say that “the Proof Sets really did well in this sale and there was some very exciting bidding on the 1860 Matched Original Proof Set. In addition, a number of gold pieces met or exceeded our already lofty expectations. This sale was a promising start to 2014, and it bodes well for ushering Legend-Morphy into its second full year.”

All prices realized are posted on the Legend-Morphy website:

The next Legend-Morphy sale, The Regency Auction VII will be held Thursday, May 22 at the PCGS Members Only Show at The Venetian in Las Vegas. They will be accepting consignments through mid-March.

For information about Legend-Morphy, e-mail Julie Abrams at, call 845-430-4378, or visit

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Rare Tipu coins to be auctioned this weekend

February 20, 2014 in Ancient Coins, Antique Coins, Auctions, Coins, Collecting, History, Indian Coins, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, World Coins

By: Special Correspondent. February 19, 2014  (

Extremely rare and unique silver coins issued by Tipu Sultan will come under the hammer in Bangalore this weekend as a Silver Double Coin, also called as “Haidari”, and a half Anna, have been put on the block by a Delhi-based collector.

These two coins are among many other rare coins from the collectors’ kitty that will be auctioned during the three-day National Numismatic Exhibition, organised by the Bangalore-based auction house Marudhar Arts, starting from Friday.

The “Haidari”, which weighs 23 grams, according to Rajendra Maru of the auction house, has come for auction in India for the first time in several decades. “The last time we heard about the coin was some years back when a fake Haidari was in circulation. There are less than 100 such coins known to be with collectors,” he added. It is being auctioned with a base price of Rs. 1.5 lakh.

The Haidari was issued on March 16, 1790 by Tipu Sultan in honour of his father Hyder Ali. The coin minted in Srirangapatna was equivalent to 32 copper coins. The other coin issued by Tipu Sultan is an extremely rare half Anna silver coin issued in 1785 that weighs just half a gram and is 7.33 mm in size.

Full article at the source>

Auction House  Marudhar Arts  website

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Note to investors: not all money will make money

February 19, 2014 in Auctions, Bank Notes, Coins, Investing, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, World Coins

By: James Cockington. February 19th, 2014 ( Sidney Money Herald (Australia)

Rare coins and stamps are now an established asset class, increasingly popular among those with self-managed superannuation funds. Coins were nominated as the third-best-performing asset on a December 2013 Deutsche Bank list – increasing by 60 per cent in value since July 2007. Rare violins (133 per cent) and gold (91 per cent) were the two top performers.

Banknotes, it appears, are yet to be accepted in this blue-chip category.

Two Saturdays ago, several prime examples were included in the numismatic auction held by Roxbury’s Auction House at the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Brisbane.

Full Article at the source>

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A penny saved could net pair $250,000

February 4, 2014 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Coins, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Pennies, Rare Coins, US Mint, USA Coins

One-of-a-kind aluminum coin helps forge friendship

LA JOLLA, Calif. — A one-of-a-kind penny that spent 33 years neglected in a desk drawer could bring up to $250,000 at auction this spring, much to the surprise and delight of its co-owners, who have forged a tight friendship since discovering the coin and its unique history a few months ago.

Randy Lawrence, a real estate agent who moved to La Jolla from Denver last August, never knew that the silver-colored U.S. penny he inherited from his dad in 1980 was any more than a worthless souvenir.

After riding around town for a month with a box of his father’s coins in his car trunk, he stopped into the La Jolla Coin Shop and sold them to shop owner Michael McConnell, who initially thought the penny was a low-value souvenir from a foreign mint.

When McConnell discovered otherwise — that the coin was actually a never-before-seen 1974-D aluminum penny from the Denver Mint — he called Lawrence to share the good news. They have agreed to split the proceeds when the coin is auctioned in April and donate as much as $100,000 to local homeless programs.

Full Article with pictures at the source>

Here’s a link to La Jolla Coin Shop’s Website

Note by : Congratulations to both Randy Lawrence, and Michael McConnell for doing the right thing. Amazing story!.

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Archaic Silver and German Gold

January 31, 2014 in Ancient Coins, Antique Coins, Auctions, Books, Byzantine Coins, Coins, Collecting, Gold, Gold Coins, Greek Coins, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, Roman Coins, Silver, Silver Coins, World Coins

January 29, 2014 By Ursula Kampmann (

The three March auctions of Gorny & Mosch in Munich cater for all tastes. Anyone with a particular interest in Archaic silver coins or gold coins from Germany is offered a selection that is without equal.

From 10 to 12 March 2014, right after the Munich Numismata, Gorny & Mosch will conduct their auction sales 219 to 221. No matter, which field you are collecting, no matter, which budget you are disposing of, there is something for everybody. The first day focuses on high-quality ancient coins, followed by auction sale no. 220 on 11 March under the heading ‘Ancient coins and multiple lots’. On 12 March, coins from medieval and modern times will be auctioned off, including many a rarity especially from Germany, not forgetting an interesting section of ancient-style Renaissance medals.

Full article at the source>

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Rare Henry VI golden angel coin one of the highlights of Smiths of Newent auction

January 23, 2014 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Coins, Collecting, English Coins, Gold, Gold Coins, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, World Coins

By Weekend . January 23, 2014 (

A rare gold coin found in a field near Tewkesbury could make £6,000 for its mystery finder and the farmer on whose land it was dug up.

The ‘golden angel’ dates back to the reign of Henry VI and was discovered near the historic Battle of Tewkesbury site.

The Wars of the Roses decider took place in 1471, when Henry VI, of the House of Lancaster, went into battle with Edward IV of York.

It’s tempting, says a spokesman for the auctioneers, Smiths, to think the coin was dropped by one of the many nobility who made their way to or from the battlefield on that fateful day.

“Our coin consultant was very excited to be asked to value and catalogue the coin which carries an estimate of £4,000-£6,000,” said a spokesman for the Newent firm.

“He’s confident it will attract significant interest from coin collectors around the world.”

Full article at the source>

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Russian Coins Sell For $5,364,428 in New York

January 19, 2014 in Antique Coins, Auctions, Coins, Gold, Gold Coins, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Russian Coins, World Coins

January 17th, 2014. By: Yareah Magazine (

An auction of Russian coins, orders and medals held by Baldwin’s, in association with Dmitry Markov Coins and Medals and M & M Numismatics, on Thursday 9th January realised US $5,364,428.

Struck to commemorate the 30th Birthday of Tsar Alexander II’s fourth son Grand Duke Vladimir, an 1876 25 Roubles topped The New York Sale, Auction XXXIII and was purchased for US$380,250. The proof-like gold 25 Roubles is one of only four large gold coin types issued by Imperial Russia. Of the four, the 25 Roubles coin is the rarest and most elusive, as only 100 pieces were struck. [Lot 1235]

Vladimir was president of the Academy of Arts and a famous Patron to many artists. His military career was tarnished after the Bloody Sunday massacre in 1905, when hundreds of unarmed protesters were killed outside the Winter Palace as they marched to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II. Although he was away from the city at the time and claimed no responsibility, Vladimir’s reputation never recovered.

Full article at the source>

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