China-bound passenger held with over 2,000 rare ancient coins

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By Jamal Shahid. June 2st, 2014 (

ISLAMABAD: Customs officials at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport made one of their biggest hauls of ancient coins and artifacts when they caught a China-bound passenger trying to smuggle out more than 2,000 rare items, including 16 well-preserved gold coins.

“We were surprised at the audacity of the man,” said a customs officer recalling the May 21 catch.

According to the officer, a smuggler would have on him 20 to about 100 such items to avoid detection.

Deputy Collector Customs Ghulam Ali Malik confirmed that Mehar Nabi from Peshawar was trying to catch an early morning flight (PK1-855) to Kashgar, China, on May 21, when baggage examination led to the recovery of the coins and other objects which apparently seemed antiques.

The recovered items were sent to the Department of Archaeology and Museums (DOAM) for verification.

Department of archaeology confirms that most of the artifacts were antique

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