Club event teaches history using stamps, coins

February 24, 2013 in Coins, Collecting, Copper Coins, Education, History, Numismatic Societies and Clubs, Numismatica, Numismatics, Seminars, USA Coins, Young Collectors

By: MARK ESTES Correspondent. February 23, 2013 (

The Flagler County Stamp and Coin Club used the history of Abraham Lincoln to introduce a group of children and parents to the hobby of coin collecting during a special program this week at the Flagler County Public Library.

“Collecting pennies is the easiest thing to collect in coin collecting,” club president David Rosenthal said. “You can reach into your pocket and you pull out pennies with different dates on them.”

Rosenthal discussed some of the basics of coin collecting, showing the children how they can fill blue Whitman coin folders to hold their collections.

“You open the books up, it will give you the date of the penny and you stick it in,” he said. “You want to try to get as many different pennies as you can. Along with the date there is what is called a mint mark and the book tells you how many pennies were minted for each date and mint. You can find a P, an S or a D on some of these. The P stands for Philadelphia, the S for San Francisco and the D for Denver. Some don’t have any mint markings on them. They call those plain.”

Rosenthal also explained how to use cardboard 2x2s to display individual coins. As he spoke, members of the club distributed kits with a variety of coin-collecting gear, such as the cardboard 2x2s, and clear plastic coin holders. Every child also got a special envelope sent from the U.S. Mint containing an uncirculated 2012-D Lincoln cent and a copper blank that pennies are stamped on.

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