Coin Collecting with Children

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April 9, 2013 By Joey of  made by joey (

Joey from Made by Joey is sharing an inspirational post on coin collecting with children today. Children are natural collectors and coin collecting sounds like a fun way to spend time together as a family and playfully practice math skills to boot!

I describe our family as “recreational coin collectors“, meaning that we only collect coins that are in circulation in Canada.  This means that we do not purchase complete sets, shop in coin shops for rare coins, or pay more for the coin than face value.  It can be a slow process that requires patience and organization to find the coins that you are seeking!

Coin collecting with children can be an enjoyable activity with many learning opportunities, such as…

  • Searching for coins
  • Sharing or trading coins with others that are missing coins
  • Sorting coins by type (ie:  penny, nickel, dime, etc)
  • Organizing coins by date
  • Keeping a record of the coins in the collection
  • Researching how many coins were produced in any given year at the Canadian Mint or the US Mint.*

*Did you know that the Mint does not make the same number of coins each year?  Knowing how many were produced for circulation can answer why you may be having troubles finding certain coins.

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