Daniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollar

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November 29, 2013 By Dennis Hengeveld (

Numismatics and coins in general can often be classified as a non-corrupted hobby, as in that prices generally change slowly, sometimes with a bit more rapid development when certain coin issues are promoted. However, generally speaking there aren’t many stories and advertisements in national newspapers regarding new coin issues, even though once in awhile a scandal does arise in the numismatic world. Such an instance was the significant turmoil that arose with the issuance of the Daniel Boone Bicentennial Half Dollars, struck from 1934 to 1938 to commemorate the 200thanniversary of the birth of Daniel Boone in 1934.

First of all, this issue was not the first commemorative half dollar to feature a portrait of Daniel Boone. He had first appeared on the 1921 Missouri Centennial Half Dollar, where he appeared on both obverse and reverse, both artist interpretations of how the famous trapper might have looked like, since no lifetime portraits of Daniel Boone are known to exist. The money raised from the issuance of the coins in the 1930s was meant for the Daniel Boone Bicentennial Commission, together with the American Order of Pioneers, in order to restore several sites important in Daniel Boone history. The act of May 26, 1934 authorized the issuance of 600,000 Daniel Boone Bicentennial Commemorative Half Dollars, and that same year the Philadelphia Mint struck the bicentennial issue dated 1934 to the extent of 10,000 coins plus a small number of assay pieces.

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