Greenspan Says Bitcoin a Bubble Without Intrinsic Currency Value

December 10, 2013 in Bitcoin, Currency, Digital Currency, Investing, Money, US Federal Reserve, Virtual currency

By Jeff Kearns  Dec 4, 2013 ( (Saving and Investing)

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Bitcoin prices are unsustainably high after surging 89-fold in a year and that the virtual money isn’t currency.

“It’s a bubble,” Greenspan, 87, said today in a Bloomberg Television interview from Washington. “It has to have intrinsic value. You have to really stretch your imagination to infer what the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is. I haven’t been able to do it. Maybe somebody else can.”

Bitcoins, which exist as software and aren’t regulated by any country or banking authority, surged to a record $1,124.76 on Nov. 30. The currency has rallied on growing interest from investors, while merchants are starting to accept Bitcoins and U.S. officials have told lawmakers such payments could be a legitimate means of exchange.

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