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November 13, 2012 in British Coins, Coins, Gold, Gold Coins

By Moira O’Neill,  13 November 2012 (http://

The Diamond Jubilee has led to a record demand for historic gold coins

The Diamond Jubilee has led to record demand for historic gold coins, according to the Scoin Shop, the gold coin retail chain. Sales of historic coins from circa 1840-1910 from both Britain and the old South African Republic are up 50 per cent on 2011, according to Scoin shop sales figures.

Scoin Shop founder Alan Demby said: “We’ve reached a new direction of consumer interest not seen before, where it appears that sales of gold coins commemorating some of the UK’s most recent major events, such as the Diamond Jubilee and the Royal Wedding, are turning the attention of customers to historic, rare and valuable coins. It’s almost as if these modern day events, which people can closely identify with, are creating interest in historic coins which are predominantly higher in value because of their scarcity.”

Note that Mr Demby is referring to historic gold coins as opposed to bullion coins, which go up and down with the price of gold and the exchange rate. “All bullion collectors have seen their collection price increase two-fold, from the gold price and the dollar exchange rate,” he says.

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