Hoard of 41 Roman solidi discovered in a Dutch orchard

June 12, 2017 in Ancient Coins, Antique Coins, Archaeology, Coins, Collecting, Education, Gold, Gold Coins, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Rare Coins, Roman Coins, Treasure, World Coins

By: Coin Update (Coin Update News)

The Dutch website de Volksrant reports (in a June 2 article by Geertje Dekkers) on the disclosure of a 41-piece gold hoard unearthed in an orchard in Gelderland. Based on certain of the gold solidi—those from the brief rule of Majorian (457–461)—experts believe the coins were buried around 460 AD. At that time, the Netherlands region was in the western part of the Roman Empire, which was in its final days. Lacking its former might, the empire engaged the locals in the far reaches of its territory to defend against invaders; in the case of the Netherlands, the Romans… Full article at the source>

Source: (Coin Update News)

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