Hoard of rare coins from Roman and Iron Age periods found in British cave

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By Descrier Staff.

A hoard of 26 rare coins from the Roman and Iron Age periods in a cave in Derbyshire by a member of the public.

The trove is the first time that Roman coins that predate the invasion of Britain in AD 43 and gold and silver pieces from the Corieltavi tribe have been found together.

The cache, which has been declared a “treasure” by authorities, has prompted a full excavation of the site in Dovedale.

British Museum’s curator of Iron Age and Roman coins, Ian Leins, said:

“Although this is a much smaller hoard than the similar finds made at Hallaton in 2000, this has been declared treasure and is an exciting discovery given the puzzling location in a cave and the fact that it lies beyond the main circulation area of the coinage.”

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