If You’re Buying Gold and Silver Soon, Read This First

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4/24/2013 | Matt Badiali, Growth Stock Wire (
Last week, we saw the biggest two-day drop in the gold and silver prices since the 1980s.

One moment, gold was trading for $1,600 an ounce… the next, it was trading for $1,350.
While this drop spooked a lot of people, knowledgeable gold and silver owners see this as an opportunity to accumulate more of the metal.
If you’re one of these people, congratulations. But know that certain conditions can keep you from getting a good deal on gold and silver…
 First off, let’s cover the right way to view physical gold and silver bullion. It’s not a trading vehicle. It’s not a typical investment. It’s money. It’s a form of savings. Ignorance of gold’s true role in a wealth strategy is what burned people who have been trading “paper” gold vehicles like exchange-traded funds.
 With this in mind, a lot of people are stepping in after the correction to buy gold (and silver). So much buying interest has entered the market, the premiums over spot silver that people are paying have gotten out of hand.
This week, I called Rich Checkan, the Senior Vice President of Asset Strategies International (ASI). ASI is a boutique precious metals, foreign currency, and asset protection company. ASI has a long history of treating its customers right… so I always like to hear what Rich has to say.
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