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Legend Numismatics is open for business (From Legend Numismatics Website


We’re back! However, as this is being written, towns here at the Jersey Shore still are trying to clean up. We know too many people with out power still-nearly 2 weeks after Sandy (and a monster noreaster) and worse, other friends who have lost homes. At night an army of State Police from Indiana and Maryland are still patroling the area (there are 7 to 7 curfews that are strictly enforced). Many businesses have not yet reopened (even the Post Offices here are still closed or have limited service). During the day hundreds of tree trimmers, utility workers (all the locals love to mention what states they are form-Alabama, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, etc), huge tractors, dump trucks, red cross, volunteers, and many more people work furiously to help people get their a little bit of their lives back together. 2 huge Naval supply ships are anchored just off shore and helos travel back and forth frequently. Even with the huge invasion, its sadly going to take a long time to heal from what we all believe was the worst event ever to hit the region. However as they say, we’re Jersey Strong!

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