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May 4th, 2013 (


We’re not trying to sound like a hype machine or broken record, but Legend sales have been at record levels for the past 30 days. FACT: this past week with little effort we SOLD nearly $1,000,000.00 in rarities. No, it wasn’t coins we brought back for our big guys, it was single coin sales to a wide ranging collector base. Our very first sale happened lightening fast when on Sunday we posted the $5 1910D PCGS MS65. Within minutes of it posting it was on its way to a new home. Then we sold via private treaty a stunning full cameoed $10 1799 PCGS MS64. Another coin we sold that never made the web, actually was a Want List coin-a very rare 50C 1839 NO Drapery PCGS MS64. Of course we sold many coins of all price levels in between (ALL coins were CAC beaned).

Who is buying? Collectors. Our customer base is made up of collectors who are building some of the greatest collections possible. They desire quality and are willing to pay for it. In fact, you can see the huge demand best at the auctions where there are firecer battless for the very best coins (like $76,000.00 for that 50C 1865 PCGS PR66+ DC CAC last week). We’re currently involved in building some monster finest known sets and we’re building dozens of great Type sets (which is one set we most highly recommend as you can put anything in it) and we know if we don;t step up and pay the price, we will miss the coin. Of course there are many collectors who just love rare coins and are not building any sets-they are just buying neat peices to tuck away. In the end, all this sums up to a marketplace dry of nice and fresh coins. Only around FUN, CSNS, and ANA now do any “pockets” of coins appear. And when the coins do appear, its an instant feeding frenzy until the last coin is gone (which is usually quick). Unfortuntely, after the New Orleans ANA Show next week, we are entering a “quiet” period for major fresh collections to appear until the summer ANA. We’re just hoping a coin or two makes its way to the market during that time! We’ve gone thru spells so dry we worried if we’d ever be able to buy enough coins to stay in business!

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