Map Shaped Series: Australian Redback, a spider hungry for love!

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By: Blog Team Perth Mint Blog


The list of Australia’s most hazardous inhabitants invariably includes the Redback spider.

A relative of the Black Widow, this angry arachnid was responsible for at least 14 human deaths before the availability of anti-venom.

The problem with Redbacks is that unlike deadly sharks, crocs and brown snakes, they prefer the comforts of urban living. The average suburban block provides plenty of nooks and crannies just perfect for a Redback residency.

Around sheds, under garden furniture, in the letterbox – you name it, a Redback is probably sizing up its potential new abode. So happy are they to dwell in dilapidated dunnies that Redbacks… Full article at the source>

Source: Perth Mint Blog

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