Navy Lieutenant Boasts 1,800 Military Coins

February 16, 2013 in Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, Military Coins

Feb 15, 2013

Navy News | by Rebecca A. Perron (

Virginia Beach, Va. — For many service members, transferring from a command means packing up a box or two with family photos and some knick-knacks that once sat on a desk, but for Lt. Carmelo Ayala, who transferred from Branch Health Clinic Oceana on Feb. 13, it meant packing up more than 1,800 military coins.

Ayala, the former head of the Primary Care Clinic at the branch health clinic, began collecting military coins more than 25 years ago, accumulating them over the years and keeping them on display in his office.

His main display rack holds at least 1,300 coins, his secondary about 300. Several smaller racks he kept on his desk hold between 20 and 50. Although he hasn’t counted them in a while, he estimates there are at least 1,800 in the collection – a number that grows by the day.
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