Rare Henry VI golden angel coin one of the highlights of Smiths of Newent auction

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A rare gold coin found in a field near Tewkesbury could make £6,000 for its mystery finder and the farmer on whose land it was dug up.

The ‘golden angel’ dates back to the reign of Henry VI and was discovered near the historic Battle of Tewkesbury site.

The Wars of the Roses decider took place in 1471, when Henry VI, of the House of Lancaster, went into battle with Edward IV of York.

It’s tempting, says a spokesman for the auctioneers, Smiths, to think the coin was dropped by one of the many nobility who made their way to or from the battlefield on that fateful day.

“Our coin consultant was very excited to be asked to value and catalogue the coin which carries an estimate of £4,000-£6,000,” said a spokesman for the Newent firm.

“He’s confident it will attract significant interest from coin collectors around the world.”

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