Rare ‘mule’ dollar would be an exceptional find

June 25, 2015 in Antique Coins, Australian Coins, Blogs, Coin Errors, Coins, Collecting, Errors, History, Numismatica, Numismatics, Rare Coins, World Coins

By: Blog Team Perth Mint Blog


‘Mule’ is the numismatic term to describe a coin struck from dies not originally intended for use together. Australia’s most famous mule is a halfpenny struck in 1916. It is the rarest Commonwealth coin issued for circulation.

In 2000, a number of dollar coins were mistakenly struck using a 10 cents obverse (heads) die. The 10 cents is marginally smaller than the dollar, which meant the resulting mule had a heavier than normal rim on the obverse.

Mule obverse courtesy of Downies.

Error coin collectors soon drove prices up and a scramble to find the rogue pieces ensued, particularly… Full article at the source>

Source: Perth Mint Blog

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