Russian Coins Sell For $5,364,428 in New York

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January 17th, 2014. By: Yareah Magazine (

An auction of Russian coins, orders and medals held by Baldwin’s, in association with Dmitry Markov Coins and Medals and M & M Numismatics, on Thursday 9th January realised US $5,364,428.

Struck to commemorate the 30th Birthday of Tsar Alexander II’s fourth son Grand Duke Vladimir, an 1876 25 Roubles topped The New York Sale, Auction XXXIII and was purchased for US$380,250. The proof-like gold 25 Roubles is one of only four large gold coin types issued by Imperial Russia. Of the four, the 25 Roubles coin is the rarest and most elusive, as only 100 pieces were struck. [Lot 1235]

Vladimir was president of the Academy of Arts and a famous Patron to many artists. His military career was tarnished after the Bloody Sunday massacre in 1905, when hundreds of unarmed protesters were killed outside the Winter Palace as they marched to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II. Although he was away from the city at the time and claimed no responsibility, Vladimir’s reputation never recovered.

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