Should “In God We Trust” Still Be Used On U.S. Currency?

August 29, 2015 in Blogs, Coins, Collecting, Currency, Education, History, Money, Numismatica, Numismatics, US Government, USA Coins

By: Libertycoin Liberty Coin and Currency Blog

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“In God We Trust.” Regardless of your religious beliefs, this motto is in your home and quite possibly in your pocket right now. These four words have appeared on U.S. money since 1864, when the motto was first engraved on the two-cent coin. But how and why was the phrase added?

Origins of the Motto

Interestingly, the motto “In God We Trust” originated not as part of the 1864 Coinage Act, but in response to an impassioned letter that Treasury Secretary Salmon Chase received from a Pennsylvania reverend named M.R. Watkinson in 1861. The reverend’s letter argued, among other things, that… Full article at the source>

Source: Liberty Coin and Currency Blog

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