Silver coin found off Nassau County could be evidence of missing Spanish treasure ship

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One silver coin does not a shipwreck make.


By Dan Scanlan Sun, Jun 1, 2014 (

But the recent discovery of that coin off Amelia Island could mean Doug Pope and Amelia Research and Recovery are one step closer to finding the Spanish galleon San Miguel, which Pope believes sank in August 1715 off Nassau County.

The silver reale’s recovery came as the group and its $3 million research and recovery vessel, Polly-L, searched in unusually clear water, Pope said.

“It is the right time frame and right nationality and we are trying to pick up the trail of the ship. … We are pretty positive that it is here,” he said.

Pirates as well as the Spanish, who mined gold in South America and shipped it home in vast armadas, are part of the history of Nassau County. So “who knows what’s down there” in the waters offshore, Amelia Island Museum of History Executive Director Phyllis Davis said. “We are always excited when there might be some new discovery and this was the path from Spain to South America and it is very, very possible that it is down there,” Davis said. “I know they will be very careful how they excavate it.”

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