Silver coins treasure hoard found on farm

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JOSHUA TAYLOR 12, April 2013 (

AN amateur treasure hunter made the discovery of his life when he unearthed 82 silver coins thought to have been buried during the English Civil War.

The hoard found by lorry driver Mark Greensmith has now been officially declared as treasure and will eventually be placed on display in a museum.

Mr Greensmith was using his metal detector in August last year when he found the trove — consisting of coins from the reigns of Mary I, Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I — on a farm just outside Uttoxeter.

A report by Dr Barrie Cook, a British Museum coin expert, said the treasure may have been buried to keep it safe during the 1640s by someone who was later killed in the Civil War.

Mr Greensmith told the Mail: “To find something like this is just brilliant. I have been metal detecting for about four years and I have found the occasional silver coin before, but nothing like this.

“I started to find this hoard when I discovered a silver coin from the time of Elizabeth I.

“I got a strong signal on the metal detector when I went back to the same spot later. I found about 13 more coins in that session. Over several weekends, I dug the rest up. One Sunday, I found 32 silver coins in three hours.”

An inquest was held this week at Burton Town Hall. Coroner Andrew Haigh ruled that the coins were treasure, meaning they will now be valued and museums given the chance to buy the artefacts. The proceeds will be split between Mr Greensmith and the landowner.

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