Strike It Rich With Coins!

October 31, 2013 in Antique Coins, Coin Errors, Coins, Collecting, Dimes, Education, Nickel Coins, Numismatica, Numismatics, Pennies, Rare Coins, US Mint, USA Coins

By James Bucki October 25, 2013 (

Did you ever pay $100 for candy bar? Or leave over $125,000 in the “Leave a Penny – Take a Penny” cup next to the cash register? If you don’t have this book you may have done exactly that. The United States Mint makes billions of coins every year. Odds have it, they are bound to make some mistakes and some of those mistakes will escape into general circulation. If you know what to look for, you can start pulling out error coins from your everyday pocket change. You never know, some of them may be worth big money!

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