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Collecting Half Dimes: Q. David Bowers on an Interesting and Varied Series

July 29, 2015 in Antique Coins, Coins, Collecting, Collector Sets, Dimes, Education, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Silver, Silver Coins, USA Coins

By: Q. David Bowers (Coin Update News)


Of the various denominations of silver coins, half dimes are among the smallest series in terms of different dates; they are also the most varied. Over the years, several numismatists have fallen in love with these coins, beginning with Harold P. Newlin, who in 1883 wrote a monograph on the series, complete with a good deal of sentiment—especially toward the rare 1802, obviously his pet silver coin of all time.

The first coinage of this denomination was the 1792 half disme, a “story coin” if there ever was one (this was another Newlin favorite in his 1883 text), followed by the Full article at the source>

Source: (Coin Update News)

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