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The psychological profile of a counterfeiter, according to Criminal Minds

November 12, 2017 in Coins, Collecting, Counterfeit, Education, Fake Coins, History, News, Numismatic Crimes, Numismatica, Numismatics, Opinion, Rare Coins

By: Brandon Christopher Hall (Coin Update News)

Recently, I happened to get back into watching the show Criminal Minds, which centers around the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). While most television crime shows tend to focus on the forensic and anthropological aspects of violent crimes, Criminal Minds, in keeping with its namesake, tends to focus on the psychological aspects of criminally deviant behavior. Two nights ago, I happened to be watching season one’s episode three, which is entitled “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” While the episode opened with a graphic scene of a man’s lower extremities being blown off by a car bomb in… Full article at the source>

Source: (Coin Update News)

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