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A 20 Mark Pick

September 4, 2017 in Bank Notes, Blogs, Books, Collecting, Counterfeit, Education, Entertainment, History, Money, Numismatica, Numismatics, Paper Money

By: Scott Barman Coin Collectors Blog (

When you are a picker sometimes a find can be worth more than originally expected. This past week I was offered a small library of military books from the estate of a former career military officer. Normally, I will not invest too much into books since they are not big sellers. However, if I can […]

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The SS Gairsoppa and the Great Silver Treasure

May 16, 2017 in Books, Coins, Collecting, Education, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Opinion, Precious Metals, Ship Wrecks, Silver, Silver Coins, Treasure, Treasure Hunting, World Coins

By: Dennis Tucker (Coin Update News)

In his richly illustrated new book The SS Gairsoppa and the Great Silver Treasure, Q. David Bowers explores the cultural scene and political and military developments that led up to the Second World War. Bowers, one of America’s preeminent historians, starts with the aftermath of the world conflict of 1914 to 1918. He colorfully describes the fabric of life in the United States and international events through the 1920s and 1930s. Then: the eruption of fresh hostilities in 1939 and immersion in a new global war. Ultimately Bowers’s focus is the 1941 maritime loss of a massive shipment of silver,… Full article at the source>

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United States Mint awarded two top honors for Coin of the Year

February 8, 2017 in Awards, Blogs, Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, Competition, Conventions, Events, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Prize Winners, US Mint, USA Coins

By: Mint News Blog Mint News Blog (


(Washington)—The United States recently earned top honors in two coin-design categories at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany. United States Mint officials accepted two Coin of the Year (COTY) Awards on behalf of the nation. The U.S. won in the category of Best Circulating Coin for its America the Beautiful Program quarter honoring Kisatchie National Forest, and in the category of Most Inspirational Coin for its March of Dimes silver dollar commemorative coin.

“The designers, sculptors, and engravers of the Mint comprise the very best talent in the numismatic industry,” said David Motl, acting principal deputy director of the Mint… Full article at the source>

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Professor’s 1979 Chemistry Nobel Prize Gold Medal Offered By Heritage Auctions

October 6, 2016 in Collecting, Events, Exunumia, Gold, History, Investing, Medals, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Offers, Precious Metals, Press Releases, Science

For immediate release
October 6, 2016

News media contact:
Eric Bradley (214) 409-1871

Professor’s 1979 Chemistry Nobel Prize

Gold Medal Offered By Heritage Auctions

Nobel Prize medal presented to chemist Georg Wittig for 1954 discovery of “The Wittig Reaction” is accompanied in October 19, 2016 auction by four other prestigious medals awarded to the noted German researcher and educator.

Prof. Georg Wittig's 1979 Nobel Prize gold medal for chemistry

Prof. Georg Wittig’s 1979 Nobel Prize gold medal for chemistry

(Dallas, Texas) – The historic 1979 Nobel Prize gold medal for chemistry awarded to Professor Georg Wittig (1897 – 1987) of Germany will be offered by Heritage Auctions ( on October 19, 2016 as part of Heritage’s two-day Historical Manuscripts Grand Format Auction.  Four other gold medals awarded over the years to Prof. Wittig are also being offered together with the large, 22 carat Nobel Prize medal.

“Dr. Georg Wittig was a distinguished researcher, author and educator who received the 1972 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his 1954 discovery of what is now known as The Wittig Reaction, a process of regulating the regrouping of atoms in a molecule,” said Cristiano Bierrenbach, Heritage’s Executive Vice President of International Numismatics.  

“Professor Wittig’s work along with Nobel Prize co-recipient Herbert C. Brown made it possible to mass produce hundreds of important drugs, such as the arthritis medicine hydrocortisone, as well as mass produce industrial chemicals that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive,” Bierrenbach explained.

The Nobel Prize medal, designed by Swedish artist Erik Lindberg, measures 6.5 centimeters in diameter (approximately 2.5 inches) and weighs 204.0 grams (approximately 7.2 ounces).  Struck in 22 carat gold, it features female allegories of Science and Nature, with Wittig’s name and the year of the award engraved beneath. The front side features the likeness of Alfred Nobel with the dates of his birth, 1833, and death, 1896, in Roman numerals.

The medal is housed in the original presentation case received by Prof. Wittig in  1972.

The four other medals received by Prof. Wittig and accompanying the Nobel Prize medal in the auction are:

  • The Paul Karrer Award 22 carat, 97.7 grams, two inches in diameter gold medal presented in 1973 by Universitat Zurich.
  • The 14 carat, 123 grams, 2.25 inches gold medal Otto Hahn Prize for Chemistry and Physics awarded in 1967, and is considered the highest German award for outstanding scientific achievements.
  • The Roger Adams Medal given by the American Chemical Society in 1973. It is cast in 10 carat gold, weighs 258.9 grams, and is three inches in diameter.
  • The Adolf Von Baeyer medal awarded in 1953 to Prof. Wittig.  It is gold-plated, weighs 83.3 grams and is two inches in diameter.
Prof. Georg Wittig's 1979 Nobel Prize gold medal for chemistry

Prof. Georg Wittig’s 1979 Nobel Prize gold medal for chemistry

Full descriptions of all the medals are available online at:

“Most of Dr. Wittig’s scientific work, including that which won him the Nobel Prize, was conducted during his years at the University of Tübingen. He was known as a meticulous teacher who set very high standards for his students, and he established a productive research group of young, promising scientists,” said Bierrenbach.

Prof. Wittig died on August 26, 1987, just a few weeks after his 90th birthday.

For additional information about the medal or other items offered in this auction, contact Heritage Auctions at (877) 437-4824 or visit online at



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A Quick Aside: Selling Pickaxes to Miners

September 22, 2016 in Education, Gold, Investing, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Opinion

By: Coin Update (Coin Update News)


When things go south, invest in gold. When things go south of south, invest in . . . manufacturers of home safes?

The Wall Street Journal has reported on a surprising trend in Germany and elsewhere: faced with negative interest rates in the eurozone, banks are beginning to charge interest on deposits. And their customers are beginning to withdraw their cash from the banks and take it home.

Of course, they’re not exactly stashing it out back in a coffee can, like some eccentric neighbor who still uses a rotary phone and hides canned goods under the bed. They’re putting… Full article at the source>

Source: (Coin Update News)

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2016 Coin of the Year Awards Announced

November 11, 2015 in Austrian Coins, Awards, Coins, Collecting, German Coins, Gold, Gold Coins, History, Investing, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Royal Canadian Mint, Silver, Silver Coins, US Mint, USA Coins, World Coins

By: Michael Alexander (Coin Update News)


Krause Publications, sponsors of the 2016 Coin of the Year Awards (COTY), have announced the new COTY winners. Several of the recognized coins were favorites with the panel of international judges, though there were some surprises as well.

Austria: The Mint of Austria was nominated in four separate categories, and managed to scoop the award for Best Silver Coin with their emotive 20 euro piece marking the 25th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin wall in 1989. Their poignant design of a protestor stepping through a break in the wall stirred the memories of many who had watched the… Full article at the source>

Source: (Coin Update News)

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Man Finds Nazi-Era Coin Hoard Worth 45,000 Euros in Northern Germany

July 19, 2015 in Anthropology, Antique Coins, Archaeology, Austrian Coins, Belgian coins, Coins, France Coins, Gold, Gold Coins, History, News, Numismatica, Numismatics, Treasure, Treasure Hunting, World Coins

By: Coin Update (Coin Update News)


Last October, Florian Bautsch was walking with his metal detector when he stumbled upon an unusual gold piece in Lüneburg, Germany, south of Hamburg. Piqued, he kept searching, eventually discovering nine more of the coins—enough to spur him to notify local archaeologists that he might be on to something big.

After a two-week excavation, the archaeologists did find something big: a trove of 207 gold coins buried one meter deep at the foot of a tree. Bearing stamps from Belgium, France, Italy, and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the coins had been buried in separate pouches that had deteriorated except for their seals, Full article at the source>

Source: (Coin Update News)

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