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Ukraine: 100th anniversary of first statehood celebrated with new coin

March 29, 2017 in Coins, Collecting, Commemorative, Education, History, New Releases, News, Nickel Coins, Numismatica, Numismatics, World Coins

By: Michael Alexander (Coin Update News)

The National Bank of Ukraine have issued (22nd March) a new coin in celebration of Ukraine’s first declaration of statehood, which occurred in the wake of the dissolution of the Russian Empire in 1917. Events surrounding the abdication of Czar Nicholas II on the 15th March 1917 resulted in the initial declaration of independence in the spring of 1917, but this declaration would be followed by a civil conflict and a short-lived duration of statehood.

The coin is produced by the Ukrainian… Full article at the source>


Source: (Coin Update News)

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