The Wrong Coins for the Right Reasons

February 13, 2015 in Blogs, Coin Dealers, Coins, Collecting, Education, Gold, Gold Bullion, Gold Coins, Investing, Numismatica, Numismatics, Precious Metals, Silver, Silver Coins, USA Coins, World Coins

By: American Federal (American Federal Rare Coin and Bullion)

There’s one thing I find incredible. Most people I talk to have bought for the right reasons. They want to protect their hard earned cash and hopefully make a little money too.

Most investors lose money even when gold and silver go up. The reason is simple. They are sold the wrong coins.
You see, many dealers care more about their bottom line than your investment. They sell overpriced numismatic coins – many of them are very common coins. OR, they sell you Modern coins that are high grade and/or low mintage BUT at such high Full article at the source>

Source: American Federal Rare Coin and Bullion

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