US Mint Sales Report: Gold Numismatic Products Broadly Slower

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June 25, 2013 By Michael Zielinski (

The sales levels for the United States Mint’s numismatic gold products were broadly slower in the latest weekly numismatic product sales report. The recently released 2013 Kennedy Half Dollar bags and rolls make their debut appearance.

For the weekly period ended June 23, 2013, 15 out of the 18 numismatic products containing gold or platinum coins had slower sales compared to the prior period. Of the remaining products, two showed an increase by single digit numbers and one was unchanged. The slow down is no doubt prompted by the sharp decline in the market price of precious metals which occurred during the week

The US Mint utilizes a flexible pricing policy for its gold and platinum numismatic products whereby prices may be adjusted as frequently as weekly in response to changes in the market prices of the underlying metals. Since the adoption of the policy, collectors have shown a tendency to time their purchases in order to take advantage of better pricing. As such, sales figures will often ebb and flow in response to precious metals prices. For the present period, many collectors may have delayed their purchases since a price decrease is expected to take place tomorrow.

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