Value shock hits 83-year-old reader

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Posted on May 31, 2013 by Dave Harper (

One of “those” letters arrived on my desk this week. It came from a reader who is 83 years old.

He said he decided a month or so ago to sell his holdings “with proceeds to go as a college fund or two for our two grandchildren.”

This pleasant mental picture changes quickly as you already know it must if it is in a letter sent to me. The reader writes:

“I had thought I had an all-around beautiful collection, a lot of old stuff and totally current. I kept receipts of everything I purchased over the years plus older coins (no receipts) of which I thought extremely valuable – to reproduce this collection I suspect upward of $100,000.

“I had my collection inventoried by a professional and with his recommendations finding several buyers plus two I contacted from numismatic publications. I received the shock of my life – $32,000.

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